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The first Dental Health Summit is taking place for the first time in English. It opens up ENDLESS possibilities for your personal dental health (and a truly holistic approach to dental care).

I invite you now to register with your email address and get your access to the free dental health symposium (November 30th to December 8th 2020):

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AuraSound Vibrational Medicine + Crystal Sound Balancing® Journeys

Are creations of the international Vibrational Medicine Expert, Dr. phil. Lysa Jean Farmer, Founder of AuraSound Vibrational Medicine, Creator of the Crystal Sound Balancing® Journeys.   

Lysa, a native Californian, has been living and working in Germany, Austria & Switzerland since 1976. She holds a PhD in Humanistic Business Administration, an MBA, a Masters of Divinity, Bachelor’s Degree in German & Political Science.

She has held management positions in several High-Tech Companies before launching her own company in 1992. Since then she has been a successful serial entrepreneur. Her businesses consist of: Management Consultancy, High Performance Coaching™, various career Certification Processes: AuraPlus, AuraSound, KreativEntwickler, various self-development seminars and trainings, Life-Styling Products, a Publishing House and a Psychotherapy practice.

In 2008, in addition to her already successful certification processes of AuraPlus, GraceRays and The Power of 13, Lysa created her own international certification process for Sound Healing called “AuraSound Vibrational Medicine” (Details below).  Lysa also does something that probably no one else in the Sound Healing scene does – she has adapted processes into sound healing context.

She has held her Seminars and certification processes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Paris, Sedona, Reno, Seattle, Hawaii, New Zealand, Bhutan, Iceland, Egypt, Canary Islands.

Her newest entrepreneurial endeavor is called “The Sound of Life Success”. This endeavor consists of the following aspects. Crystal Sound Balancing® Journeys. A chosen selection of the processes are listed below and are focal points for a unique sound healing, self-development and life-styling concept.

Crystal Sound Balancing® Journeys

Crystal Sound Balancing®-Journeys are geared to all age groups, can be experienced on a 1:1 or group basis, online or still my favourite 😊 – „vis a vis“!

Coming from a musical, psychology and management background I love bringing all my worlds together in a neat coherent creative unit. CSB®- Journeys are usually based on 7 steps. Why 7? It is the legacy steps of the Hero(ine) who passes through 7 milestones (in music we would say chords) to fulfill their life’s mission to be seen as integer, admired and be rewarded. They must address growth, conflicts, animosity, being courageous, staying true to themselves and accepting their just rewards with dignity.

Most people (and children) no longer know/learn how to debate or have fruitful confrontations. It is win-lose, all or nothing. I use this mythological, legendary 7-system with sound (= all kinds of instruments but mostly crystal ones because of their high Hz to create powerful and speedy breakthroughs) to express the journey’s step and emotions.

We have the role of the Hero(ine) (= client/protagonist), then the force blocking the Hero(ine) is included, which is antagonistic and lots of times it is an elemental belief of the birth-family, a company founder, or a soul “addiction” structure. A “goodness-force” or unique potential is included and which also always exists in any family system (usually undefined, unnoticed, uncherished.)  This powerful soul level element supports the protagonist if they integrate it. The client has the „job“ to stay on track and to complete the journey to transform their life or business. The best part – all of these interventions are primarily achieved though SOUND/Music! Wordless.

My belief – there is always a way out of every distressing/shocking situation, under „Grace“. Music (Therapy) is „Grace“ and sacred space in action!

On a Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey, we are creating together a „high end“ sound healing process. The instruments we will be using, mainly Sound Galaxies Crystal Singing Bowls, DS-Crystal Singing Rods, and other innovative instruments are the finest available. For example, the Sound Galaxies crystal singing bowls receive their dazzling colours as well as their unique Logo from Swarovski® in Austria and can all be purchased through Lysa.

Here are some info of the Journeys you can book and take:

Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: The Heroes Journey (= reigniting your divine masculine)

Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey:  Your Creative successful expression – disengaging from your Mother’s breathe – a different for of transgenerational umbilical cord cutting – (= reigniting your divine feminine)

Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: The Soul’s 7 step Journey during this life cycle: Aramasolea, Avasaromea, Amaracolea, Asadasorea,Avasadovea, Acamanovea, Acasovadea

Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: No wonder I play it small !!! – Integrating the Self-protection mechanisms of Self-Sabotage + Procrastination (Honoring your struggle)

Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: My successful Business (Honoring and owning your empowerment) – Get a true feeling through SOUND for your Business, i.e.: Admin/Operations, Human Resources, Customer Service, IT, Production, R&D, Purchasing, Marketing/Promotions, Sales, Accounting & Finance, Logistics/Distribution, Legal. You will hear a difference!

Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: Integrating co-creation Archetypes (Self, Feminine, Masculine, Hero, Antagonist, Death, Journey)

Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: High Performance Excellence: Clarity, Energy, Influence, Productivity, Necessity, Courage, Sustaining Succ€$$

Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: Teeth balancing – Occlusion, in a dental context, means simply the contact between teeth. On this journey we explore the physical, psychological and soul intent of your teeth.

You can choose one of these Journeys for one appointment. You are more than welcome to do another module or all of the others if desired on different days. I usually figure between 2 hours per Journey.