AuraSound – Vibrational Medicine Seminar Details

Our seminars are primarily in German (and in English as needed) BUT we mainly communicate with the language of sounds at AuraSound!

Lysa Farmer speaks about AuraSound

“Klepet ob kavi” is a famous daily Slovenian TV show about health, happiness, personal development, meditation, and alternative medicine.

Take a look at this video and hear from Lysa herself why this seminar and the AuraSound-method will be useful for you.

In this episode of the program, Lysa Farmer was asked to perform a LIVE Sound Massage on the host.

If the right music is played at the right time, it can have a healing effect. This is why it played a large part in several cultures. For a very long time music has been used for healing, be it in India, China, Greece or indigenous tribes.
Sound therapy is classified as “a general term for several treatments in alternative medicine and wellness, where there is a focus on using acoustic sound waves (sounds, music, noise)” according to

Our wonderful AuraSound seminars will support you in healing your clients by teaching you a highly innovative method of vibrational medicine that has been developed by dr. phil. Lysa Jean Farmer. Experience for yourself how sound moves and changes you as well as others in up to five exciting and eventful seminars. All seminars are suitable for personal development and allow you to train to become a professional AuraSound specialist and energetic sound therapist.

Studies prove that every single cell is touched by sound waves that promote positive self-esteem and healthy self-confidence.

These sound waves expand in the energetic system to give a voice to feelings that are buried deep inside your conscience, such as shocks and traumas. By letting these feelings out through sound, one reduces one’s hurt and stress and revives confidence in your own life and harmony.
“The harmony of my true self is my total protection.”

Tones, sounds, and music can not only be heard but also felt. One of the most sensual life experiences is to experience sound with your body and to use it to process your feelings. This is one of many things that AuraSound and Vibrational Medicine teach you.

Sound is a wonderful way to work on topics and conflicts; entirely on non-verbal levels of communication.

AuraSound Module

Crystalline sounds – get in tune with yourself

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Gain access to the New Earth Matrix. To be able to adjust your Sound Healing accordingly, we will work with Crystal Singing instruments all weekend. Through the Crystal Instruments, we will implement the equality of body, soul, and spirit. We will learn playing techniques and effects of different crystal instruments: frosted as well as SoundGalaxies singing bowls, Meridian/Classic/Nervous System crystal sound forks, Practitioners, the Sphere, Lyra, Harp – all instruments made of 99,992% SiO2 crystal.

  • Using ‘Sacred Sound’ Crystal Sounds as a path of silence and as a bridge between humanity, Earth/Terra/Gaia and the spiritual realm.
  • Stress Release by developing a more sensitive awareness of yourself and your surroundings.
  • Shock and pain management/healing emotional wounds/healing scars/grounding techniques.
  • Chi/Qi/Ki energy management to restore balance in your body focusing on the teeth, jaw, tailbone, and navel.
  • Helping you manage your conscience and decrease your guilt.
  • The art of calming down from a high and returning to the correct rhythm of your life.

AuraSound Module

Turn of an era – man as the gateway to “BEing”: Embodying the 5 elements

The main goal of this seminar is the use and application of various sound bodies, as well as the old earth energy matrix (previous planet tones) and the new earth energy matrix (crystalline structures).

  • Communicate with the elements of fire, water, earth, air, aether – activate and/or balance the “keys” to your life;
  • Sound energetics – chakra, aura, colors, spheres;
  • Learn to experience and practice the use of sound journeys yourself;
  • Deep massage via the sound cradle and the sound shower;
  • Telepathic sound energetics;
  • Drum massage, crystal massage, etc;
  • Treatment and being treated

AuraSound Module

The original sounding instrument – your voice, voice, tones

In this section, we will joyfully lure your voice out, so that you can make playful use of your voice and language as a vibrating body again. Lysa will continue to guide you in this seminar for voice training and fun with your voice – but a full day will be spent with opera singer, terlusollogie practitioner, and alternative practitioner Antonia Brunner.

  • Breathing – an improved oxygen supply;
  • Sound enhancement through the use of vowels, and lip and tongue harmonics;
  • Experiencing the power of your name: “I am…”
  • Improvisation;
  • Harmonic toning;
  • Energetics over a distance: Learning to align and control the voice to create frequencies of sympathetic resonance and to achieve balance in the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies;
  • Ground/anchor rhythmic sound in 3D

AuraSound Module

Conflict management, sound interventions, systemic constellations and mediation via sound therapy

The learning of highly innovative solution-oriented processes – in the areas of conflict, mediation, therapy, and recovery.

In this module, we will once again use the various sound bodies and even build personalized sound bodies for mediation and conflict management.

In contrast to verbal interventions, which in turn can get stuck in the head after the session: he/she said this – I meant it this way and not like that – I am right after all! The conversation becomes an endless mantra… A sound intervention has the advantage of being completely spontaneous and cannot be played back.

One learns to let what has happened rest and accepts the solution (liberation) which has arisen in the session differently. Since sounds are vibrations they also have a loving physical effect after work and provide order, integration and a new freedom to the mind and body.

  • Musical communication in group dynamics;
  • The power of humor in SoundHealing – Vibrational Medicine;
  • Conflict management and mediation in SoundHealing – Vibrational Medicine;
  • Perform systemic constellations;
  • Musical storytelling;
  • Promoting contrasts, balancing contrasts;
  • Making sound concerts with the self-made sound bodies.

AuraSound Module

Closing and final seminar with certification as AuraSound Specialist / Sound Therapist

Exchange of experiences about case studies, results and visions for sound therapy (Sound Healing)

How to have successful individual consultations + gain commercial skills

“Rhythmic Sound” (= expressing belly and heart) to have grounded and anchored

  • An individual sound project is being carried out
  • Get to know AuraSound in warm water pools,
  • AuraSound in dealing with terminal care and hospice
  • AuraSound for births and midwives
  • AuraSound in working with seniors and people suffering from dementia
  • AuraSound for room + property cleaning
  • Harmony – time for spontaneous questions and topics specific to the current group

Throughout all sections of the seminar, we will work with the following fields of work intensively:

  • Development of your consulting style (how do I support my clients);
  • Taking personal responsibility and responsibility towards clients;
  • How do I successfully guide people, animals, places, spaces through their emotional world;
  • Perception of disharmonies, feelings, blockades, well-being (with oneself and others);
  • How do I successfully and hospitably conduct a session (also includes marketing, pricing, ethics);
  • How to gain confidence in your ethereal perception;
  • How to deal with all kinds of sound bodies and how to feel and interpret their effects;
  • Understanding the characteristics and possibilities of the New Earth;
  • Recognizing and implementing SoundTherapy possibilities on different bodies: carbon, light, crystal.

My wish for these seminars and especially for the training is that you feel AuraSound in your heart, live it and pass on healing and melodious impulses to your clients, friends, family, animals, and environment as a living Sacred Song.

During the training, you will find true treasures of instruments, sound bodies and especially the new crystal sound tools.

SoundGalaxies produces the crystal singing bowls, crystal singing forks, crystal practitioners, which we use in the seminar. SoundGalaxies is an innovative German company. These crystal instruments are made in Germany. All products are made of purest 99.998% quartz, which is heated to 2200 degrees Celsius and brought into its form by centrifugation. This pure quartz ensures crystal clear sound with a diverse spectrum of overtones. A singing bowl of this quality and subtlety is not a mass product. The bowls are made of selected materials and under high standards and are therefore unique pieces.

The crystal instruments produce spherical sounds or tones and can have a positive influence. Due to the simplicity of the sound, which leads to deep relaxation and an almost meditative state, disturbances and blockages can be harmonized or removed while playing with crystal singing bowls. Singing bowls are a wonderful instrument to express suppressed feelings and hidden emotions directly. The “opening to the inside” causes a release of deep-seated physical, mental and spiritual blockades. Since sensations are perceived more strongly during a singing bowl performance, it is possible to “filter out” negative emotions and replace them with harmonizing, stimulating energies. The crystal singing bowls strengthen self-confidence, intuition, basic trust, and creativity. Through the authentic experience of one’s personality, the joy of life also returns to everyday life.

A large selection of crystal instruments can be purchased directly from me.

Note: The AuraSound consultation, SoundTherapy, seminars, training, and crystal instruments are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or therapy, but are great as a support measure!

Deciphering the present made simple

Every person can perceive and interpret their aura. Your aura has essential information for your well-being. In the seminar, you learn how to recognize and understand it. Topics such as profession, relationships (with partners, colleagues, friends), dealing with money, mental and spiritual development or health are explained. Your aura is connected to your emotional, physical and psychological existence. You achieve clarity in your life and recognize your current theme. Do you want to go into more depth? A certificate as an AuraPlus Consultant is also available.