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Our crystal singing bowls are made of the purest 99.998% quartz. This is heated to 2,200 degrees Celsius, and converted by centrifugation into its shape. This pure quartz ensures crystal clear sound with a wide range of overtones. A singing bowl of this quality is not a mass product. The bowls are exclusively produced and are manufactured only from selected materials under high quality requirements, and therefore are unique pieces.


AuraSound Seminars

Dr. Farmer’s “AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Consultancy” workshops provide practical, hands-on training about sound therapy instruments and techniques. She will focus on developing your skills and abilities to make an assessment of your clients’ needs and then to create and deliver an effective sound therapy treatment program.


In our AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Therapy training you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into working with sounds for your own personal development, self-transformation and inner growth… 

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