Crystal Harp

This new and unique instrument is protected by an industrial design in several countries (design patent). What’s more, the Crystal Lyre has international patents pending for its unique mechanism and its various activation systems.
Quartz is a noble, natural material that possesses an immense vibratory capacity. The CrystalHarpe produces powerful, resonant sounds which are multidirectional and multidimensional; one could even say they are omnidirectional. Quartz, which is innately piezoelectric, gives off a palpable energy that we feel intimately, and which can be likened to a piezo-acoustic massage that relaxes and uplifts.
Thus, the crystal harp is through the material and the divine sound, a gift for our well-being in the 21st century.
These instruments are very easy to play, both novice and professional musicians appreciate this. You can play the Crystal-Harp and -Lyre flat on a table, upright on its stand or hold it with one hand. The Crystal Harp and- Lyre can be used in its acoustic quality as a musical instrument, for therapy and meditation. The two instruments complement crystal sound instruments in a perfect way and intensified their sound

Eight crystal tubes of the crystal harp are tuned precisely on the C major key scale constantly.
Musicians estimate this unusual instrument, because they can integrate it without difficulties into their music. The crystal harp complements crystal singing instruments in a perfect manner and intensifies their sound.

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