SoundGalaxies Kristallklangschalen

2021 New world sensation – A new generation: sound meets art

Here is the prototype of the new Generation of Soundgalaxies bowls.

Clear and totally pure – each bowl is 100% unique!

Sound meets Art! Hand-finished by artist Patrick Roth and his sandblasting technique! (see Patrick’s other art:


Every Bowl Channels Its Own Energy and Resonates On Its Own Frequency

Each SoundGalaxies Bowl has chosen how it wants to be of service to the world. Check here for more detailed bowl qualities:

Bowl 1: similar to Rainbow & Soundexperience, sychronizes the left and right brain hemisphere

Bowl 2: very grounding, similar to Loop, centers like Zero, and supports the SolarPlexus like Dignity

Bowl 3: similar to Journey and Genesis Helix

Bowl 4: energy comes from the middle of the earth, similar to Oxygen

Bowl 5: the total upheaval, the complete cleaning like after a thunderstorm, very very powerful

Bowl 6: Reality & Dignity united

A Meditation on the Worth, Honor and Respect that we Owe Ourselves and Others.

-Genesis Helix-
The Spiral Sound Waves Show us our Origin. The Structure of our DNA is Stabilized.

Surfaces Our Inner Beauty, Harmony, and Grace.


A Journey of Self-Discovery that Allows Us to Become at Peace With the World.

Everything is one. No past no future – just now.

Perfectly Circular Sound Neutralizes Interference Fields and Disharmonies.
Harmonizes our Cell Metabolism.


Focus on Self-Awareness and Our Internal Spiritual Voice.

„Here I Am, In All My Fullness and Strength, Present in the Quality of My Heart.“

A Catalyst and Equalizer of our Physical and Mental Systems.
Harmonizes with the All-Encompassing Colour Spectrum of our Senses.

Understanding Our Own Spiritual Reality. Finding the Source of Our Power.

-Sound Experience-

To Flow in Harmony, to Surrender to the River, to let Our Oppressed and Pent-up
Feelings Flow

-Angel’s Happiness-
The Joy and Lightness of the Angel is Integrated into Ourselves.

An Understanding that the Universe is One and Our Place in that Oneness.

-Heaven’s Door-
Awaken A Dimension of Reality Beyond the Confines of Our Ego.
Work Towards A Spiritual Awakening



(Selbst)Respekt, Achtsamkeit, Würdevolle Orientierung und Ausrichtung in der neuen Zeit.


Diese blau irisierende Kristallklangschale ist das organische Germanium in Klangform. Sie transportiert Sauerstoff in die Zellen. Sie bringt Ordnung und Struktur.

Sound Experience

In Fluß und in Einklang kommen. Sich dem Fluß des Lebens hingeben. Unterdrückte und aufgestaute Gefühle fließen lassen.


„Hier bin ICH, in all meiner Fülle und Kraft, bin gegenwärtig in der Qualität meines Herzens.“