Ich habe fortwährend ein Sortiment an verfügbaren Kristallklangschalen diverser Hersteller lagernd zum Verkauf. Wenn du deine Schalen kennenlernen und kaufen möchtest, klicke HIER um einen Zoom oder Vor-Ort-Termin mit mir zu vereinbaren.

Preise auf Anfrage.

Clear and totally pure – each bowl is 100% unique!


Every Bowl Channels Its Own Energy and Resonates On Its Own Frequency

Check here for more detailed bowl qualities:

Bowl 1: similar to Rainbow & Soundexperience, sychronizes the left and right brain hemisphere

Bowl 2: very grounding, similar to Loop, centers like Zero, and supports the SolarPlexus like Dignity

Bowl 3: similar to Journey and Genesis Helix

Bowl 4: energy comes from the middle of the earth, similar to Oxygen

Bowl 5: the total upheaval, the complete cleaning like after a thunderstorm, very very powerful

Bowl 6: Reality & Dignity united


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